Ever notice a cool bird or fella while getting your hair did and wish you could get to know ‘em? Well here’s your chance.

The kooky bunch at Birds & Fellas whip up and host meet-and-greet cocktail socials at our digs every so often. At these events, you can meet fellow B&F clients for professional networking, making new BFFs, or striking up that conversation you were just too shy to start when you first laid eyes on them.

We’ll send you an e-vite a week before each soiree. Feel free to bring a “plus-one” to these events.You only get to bring one guest who’s never been to Birds & Fellas before, so make it count!

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Other after-hours social events we have at Birds & Fellas include:

  • Live Acoustic Performances
  • Competitive Karaoke Nights (highest scoring team wins!)
  • Movie Screenings

Be sure to open email invitations from us. Space is limited and is secured on an RSVP basis.